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Mikie Greenslade first became interested in storybook architecture when a neighbor's garage fire threatened the Greenslade home. The fire motivated Mike to research his own house, its architect, builder, and style of architecture—all so he'd have the relevant information on hand should the home one day need major repairs or replacement.

He discovered that his home and many others in the area had been designed and likely built by architect William Raymond Yelland, one of the best—and most prolific—architects of storybook homes. Mike has since roamed over northern California and western Nevada, "Yellanding" on his days off: tracking down Yelland-designed structures listed in the archives of the Berkeley Architectural History Association (BAHA) and taking photographs of those buildings and their surrounding neighborhoods.

Having "wasted the last twenty years of my life working as a mechanical designer in Silicon Valley," Mike now designs kitchens for houses in the San Leandro (California) area—a number of which are storybook homes.

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