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The web's first—and best—storybook architecture site. (You are here.)

M. Wilson's Storybook Architecture Page

Storybook architecture page with 12 photos.


Beckett's Irish Pub

Official website of what is now Beckett's Irish Pub & Restaurant—built by storybook architect William Raymond Yelland in 1925. The site includes a history and photos of the interior and in-progress renovations. Beckett's appears elsewhere on this website, and also in Storybook Style. Located in Berkeley, California.

Camelot House

Website featuring a Tudor-like house with storybook roof built in 1926; includes history and photos. Located in Altadena, California.

Lana's The Little House

Website featuring a storybookish Tudor house built in 1980-1983 and available for tours, afternoon tea, weddings, and other events; includes photos and booking information. Located in Forestville, New York.


Official website of Santarella—a New England barn converted to storybook style in the 1920s-40s by knighted English sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson. One of the few storybook locations available for weddings and other events. Site includes a history, still photos, and virtual tour. Located in Tyringham, Massachussetts.


The web's first—and best—storybook architecture site. (You are here.)

Douglas Keister Photography

Website featuring storybook (and other) photos by the man who shot the pictures for Storybook Style.

The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photograph Collection

Website featuring searchable photographs of Hollywood in days gone by—which happen to include pictures of the Witch's House and Crossroads of the World.


Website of Janes Village, an Altadena (California) community built by Elisha P. Janes in 1924-1926. The neighborhood contains many homes with storybook features, as well as a number of actual storybooks.

Simpler Times Village

A village-like community planned for Madison County, Indiana. As currently envisioned, the project will break ground in 2008, and include newly-built, storybook style homes.


Brick (Antique)

Gavin Historical Bricks

Salvaged antique brick (including clinker brick) and stone for building, paving, and flooring.

Chicago Antique Brick

Salvaged antique brick for building and paving; also offers brick veneers made by slicing actual antique bricks.

Brick (New)

Acme Brick Company

Bricks and pavers.

Belden Brick Company

Bricks and pavers; offers a variety of unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Boral Bricks

Bricks and pavers.

Castaic Brick

Bricks, face bricks, brick chips, brick dust, dust, pavers; offers unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Cunningham Brick Company

Bricks and face bricks; offers a variety of unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Custom Brick Company

Bricks, pavers, and cast stone; offers a variety of unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Endicott Clay Products

Bricks, face brick, pavers, and other products; offers a variety of unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Hebron Brick Company


Kansas Brick and Tile

Bricks, pavers, and other products.

McNear Brick and Block

Bricks, pavers, and other products.

Old Mississippi Brick & Heart Pine Company

New and used bricks, and reclaimed antique wood (see Old Mississippi Lumber link).

Pine Hall Brick

Bricks, face bricks, and pavers; offers a variety of unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Redland Brick

[Site down for maintenance as of Jan 9, 2007.]

Watsontown Brick Company

Bricks and pavers; offers a variety of unusually-shaped bricks for special purposes.

Brick Matching


Brick and concrete matching.


Brick and stone matching.

Color Match Masonry

Brick, concrete, and mortar matching.

Nawkaw Corporation

Brick, concrete, and stucco matching.

Wood (Antique and Reclaimed)

Antiquus Wood Products

Antique and reclaimed flooring, lumber, timbers, and siding.

Bear Creek Lumber

Antique and reclaimed (as well as new) wood: flooring, lumber, beams and timbers, siding, paneling, trim, shakes and shingles.

Big Timberworks

Reclaimed (as well as new) wood.

Duluth Timber Company

Antique and reclaimed wood: flooring, planks, timbers, and millwork.

Mountain Lumber

Antique wood, including flooring, beams, paneling, mantles, wainscoting, and stairways.


Antique and reclaimed wood: flooring, lumber, beams and timbers, decking, siding, and paneling.


Roofs by Design

Steve Fuller is almost undoubtedly the best storybook roofer now living—and quite possibly the best ever.


Sunshine Glass

High-quality, custom-designed new and replacement glass (including stained and leaded glass).

Hardware (Antique)

Liz's Antique Hardware

Liz's offers a wide selection of genuine antique hardware.

House Plans

Old World Cottage Designs

Website featuring drawings from an upcoming book by the Hackwells, a husband-and-wife design team. Though not pure storybooks, these homes do have storybook elements.


Life Within A Fairy Tale,0,1337379.story?coll=la-home-home

Los Angeles Times article on LA-area storybook homes, with photos (including some of homes featured on this site and in the book Storybook Style). Published January 13, 2005, beginning on page F1 (front page of Home section). Written by Christy Hobart.

Signature Style:

San Francisco Chronicle article on the work of San Francisco Bay-area storybook architect Carr Jones, with photos. Published September 13, 2003, beginning on page E1. Written by Dave Weinstein. (Carr Jones' work is also featured in Storybook Style).


The first online resource to consult for information about architectural preservation.

Directory of Historical Societies, Preservation Organizations & Programs in the United States

1,300+ links to nonprofit, government, and private organizations, arranged by state. (UPDATING LINK)

Directory of State Historic Preservation Offices

Directory of official historic preservation offices of all 50 states. (UPDATING LINK)

Directory of Educational Programs in Historic Preservation and Related Fields

Listing of undergraduate/graduate programs in historic preservation Directory of official historic preservation, National PArk Service programs, and other resources. (UPDATING LINK)

Endangered Historic Sites and Architecture Resources

Programs and organizations working to preserve and promote endangered historic sites and architecture in North America. (UPDATING LINK)

Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources Events and Conferences

Upcoming events and coferences in the fields of historic preservation, cultural resource management, and building restoration. (UPDATING LINK)


California Office of Historic Preservation

Administers federally and state mandated historic preservation programs in California; a division of the California Department of Parks & Recreation.

California State Historical Resources Commission

Governor-appointed state review board responsible for identifying, registering, and preserving California's cultural heritage; a division of the California Office of Historic Preservation.

Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

BAHA offers a wealth of information on sites of architectural significance in the Berkeley (CA) area.

Los Angeles Conservancy

The largest member-based architectural preservation organization in America; focuses on Los Angeles (CA) area sites.

Storybook Style: America's Whimsical Homes of the Twenties

Storybook Style: America's Whimsical Homes of the Twenties is the only book we know to be devoted entirely to storybook architecture. Written by Arrol Gellner and photographed by Douglas Keister, the book briefly details the history of the style, and contains many beautiful pictures. Click the book cover at left to find the book on

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Christy Hobart, Patricia, Pearl Sanborn, Jeff Steinberg, and others for sharing storybook links to be used on this page.

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